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Løser opgaver som logodesign, grafisk design, webdesign, animation, videoredigering, designmanualer, flyers, foldere, roll-ups, sparring og meget mere … Pt. bosat i Buenos Aires!

Freelance grafiker

What I can offer:

Digital solutions

Get your message on the digital platforms

That could be web design, a wordpress website, web ads, video and/or animation

Print products

Business cards, folders, banners, packaging, beachflags - you name it!

I have experience working on all printable platforms

Graphic identity

Does your brand identity need a facelift? I can create or help your brand identity so it matches your targetgroup

Portfolio over previous cases

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Hey you!

I'm glad to see you :)

Mit navn er Emma Norup Bjergbakke, og jeg er grafisk freelance designer med (indtil videre) 5 års erfaring. Med min uddannelse som mediegrafiker har jeg fået grafisk design på rygraden. Jeg kan arbejde meget tværfagligt til både online og offline samt produktionsarbejde og grafiske kampagneløsninger.

I've been in close contact with print and web coworkers for my entire education and in my entrepreneurship. This has given me the great opportunity to be very experienced in both medias, plus video editing. My customers are in all sizes. From small one-man entrepreneurships to big world-wide companies.

One of the best parts about my job is the communication I have with my customers. The most important thing in my job is that my client feels seen and can identify with their products.

And to be honest, I love my job!


The 3 best things, working with me


I can't drink your coffee or eat your snacks, so you only have to think of the price of the product.

And you don't have to think about all the "official" stuff that comes with a new coworker, and it's cheaper for you and your budget in the long run


If you don't know how many hours you need in a week, I'm much more flexible than a regular employee. Plus, I don't even need to get a new desk, computer or anything like that!

No bullshit!

I'm honest to the bone! I take much pride in being very honest with my clients, if it prices, hours or anyting else!

… Tror jeg.

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