My prices

Right now, I offer 3 different payment methods. But I'm always open for suggestions!


I work for my fixed hourly wage and I'll send you a bill, when we are done. Easy peasy.

This is a really good solution for logo design, small productions, a video or two.

If you are in doubt of how many hours we have to use, you can always send me an email and I will return with a no-cost offer

10 Hour Card

The card could be a good idea, if your team has alot of small tasks, over a longer period.

You can also use the 10 hours as "graphic support" if you got a design guide, but need someone to work out the materials for fx. social media profiles and a quick video. Meetings will not my included in the 10 hours

Klip kan ikke blive refunderet.



If you have a bigger project, we can chat and share information so I can give you an estimated offer that fits your needs.

Jeg kan fungere både som tilkalder, produktionsassistent, grafisk assistent og meget andet! Projektansættelse er smart, hvis i har behovet for en grafiker men ikke har lyst til at ansætte en fastansat.


A crash-course in Adobe

You already have the design guide, you have the programs, but you dont know how to use it.. Say less!

I can help your team getting to know all the Adobe programs, so your work becomes easier for you. I also offer telephone support afterwards

I'm living abroad, so the education will be online

If you want a card with more hours, feel free to contact me

Read: All the prices are out from danish taxes and the danish course, since I'm currently paying danish taxes aslong as I live in Denmark

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