Who is Emma then?

Well that's me! Born in the country side in Denmark, then moved to Copenhagen, where I shortly after moved to Buenos Aires for love (and love of wine), where I still am today. I was born in 1998, so I¨m a bit of a young gun, but my mom says I have an old soul

My philosophy about my work is, that you don't only buy an service. You also buy an other set of eyes, arms, legs. I try to keep my collaps simple and easy, while keeping a clear and honest communication about deadlines, expectations and prices.

Today, I have multible partners in Scandinavia, but I have customers from all over the world. I have a wide experience with graphic design and marketing, and with branches from bitcoins, speedfriending, sales and much more.

Former experience

Up until I started my own, I was lucky enough to get alot experience from alot of different companies.

From that, I have alot of experience and a really good network that I can relay on

I had my school internship at MONTAGEbureauet in Denmark, that specializes in publishing. With them, I grew alot and learn so much aboutthe publising-world, that I'm comfytable with every format

After that, I joined bro kommunikation, but then #corona hit Denmark. It was a short but sweet affaire. It was extremely giving, being apart of such a big team and how the communication world works.

Emma Studio


bro kommunikation

4 months in 2020
Graphic designer - Cancelled because of COVID-19


1 year and 7 months 2018-2019
Graphic intern


4 months 2017-2018
Wordpress support

Forlaget Underskoven

2 mdr. i 2017
Design of books


2 years 2016-2018
School for graphic designers






Years of experience

  • 2014

    10th grade


  • 2015

    Roskilde Technical College

    Graphic designer


  • 2019

    Last exam

    B in graphics
    A in communication



Or.. Okay I did go to school for a little

When I was done with public school, I already knew I was not going to become a sciencist. I would rather play, be creative and fall on my knees a couple of times. Or a houndred.

I first discovered Photoshop in the 10th grade, and then I was hooked! I got into Roskilde Technical College the year after, took my last exam a few years (and tears) later, and then I was ready!

I even passed with pretty good grades!

I also took some courses, like

Foto, animation, vektorgrafik, HTML&CSS kodning, trykopsætningand much more

I've also taken a couple of SEO courses

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

G. Bernard Shaw